Boiler Not Heating

Is your boiler not heating? Here are a few tips.


Boiler Not Heating

A boiler not heating can cause big trouble especially if it breaks down during the cold season. Emergency boiler repairs can cost more, and you also run into the challenge of engineers being all booked. Here’s what some customers are saying about boiler not heating.


Boiler Not Heating

If your boiler is running but it’s not heating, there are some things you can do by yourself first without having to call an engineer right away.

Fortunately – or maybe unfortunately – you are not alone in this. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of customers who are seeking advise for the same issue. Boiler not heating is one of the most common boiler problems there is. If you do a quick search on the internet, many forums offer advise from other consumers. If you’re lucky, there may even be a qualified engineer in the forum who can answer your questions.

Many users from and Yahoo Answers advise to check the water pressure first. If the water pressure on your boiler is low, it most likely will not heat. You may need to check the manual to guide you properly on this. One user purchased a PRV (pressure reducing valve) at a local hardware store and replaced the old one on his boiler. The user said this solved his boiler not heating problem.

Check your pilot light, too. If the permanent light is staying on, then the problem is most likely with the pump. If it doesn’t stay on, then the problem maybe with the thermocouple.

There are a few challenges on relying on forums like this, though. For one, you are not consulting with an expert. While some members of groups or forums may be gas safe registered engineers, you really would not know for sure. For the most part, you are being given advise by other homeowners like you.

Also, doing DIY boiler repairs may not be safe, depending on the problem. This is especially true because your are describing the problem – and other users are giving advice on how to fix it – remotely. They cannot see your boiler, and they only depend on how graphic your descriptions are. There is also a slower response time because this will depend on who is online when.

Remember that if your boiler is not heating, it is always best to call a gas safe registered engineer. He will know exactly what to do, how to safely do it, and can even give you some pointers while he is at your home.

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