Boiler Repair in London

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Fixing Boiler Repair in London

We can help fix your boilers with a minimal down time.

Your boiler is likely to be one of the most expensive appliances in your home. If not maintained properly, it may impose huge fines in the form of boiler replacement and boiler installation costs. According to the experts, irrespective of the severity of the fault, a Boiler Repair in London should be carried out immediately to prevent future complications. Above all, one should remember that, fixing a boiler repair immediately saves money and environment. Boiler Repair in London

Boilers are equipped with certain control mechanisms that produce and distribute heat and hot water. Minor faults in these mechanisms may lead to low or no performance from the boiler. Simple checks and minor boiler repairs might help your boiler get back to normal.

Boiler Repair in London – Some of the Most Common Problems

Time Switches: Most boilers are driven by mechanical time switches that control on/off of the boiler. If the mechanical timer dial is stuck, it may lead to uneven heat distribution. This is one of those minor problems which can cause major inconveniences. You can fix this problem yourself by adjusting the timer clock to its normal settings.

Freezing pipes: During extreme cold weathers, condensing pipes of even the best combi boiler can freeze. This blockage can cause the condensate to flow back forcing the boiler to stop functioning. When the condensing pipe freezes, a ‘fault code’ or a ‘warning light’ can be observed along with peculiar noises from the boiler and the condensing pipe.

You can avoid this Boiler Repair in London by adjusting your thermostat or heat timer to continuous mode. In the event of blockage, pour hot water on the pipe or replace the pipe with one having a wider diameter.

Electronic Programmers: Boiler may stop functioning in the event of electronic backplate failure. Check on the LCD display and other relays. If they are not working, you may need to change the backplate. It is very easy to install a universal backplate in the place of the failed one.  They are available in your local DIY stores. All you need to do is plug it in.

Above mentioned tips may serve the purpose only in cases of minor Boiler Repair in London and it is always suggested to take the help of a certified heating engineer to address more complex issues.

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