Portable Gas Heaters

If you currently own one or two portable gas heaters, or if you are planning to buy one, it is important to know that they are beneficial but can also be risky.

Portable gas heaters are also called gas fires and or space heaters. They are small heaters that have the capacity to heat a room in your home or an outdoor area.


Portable Gas Heaters

Portable gas heaters must never be used as your home’s main heating system.


Gas fires are typically used in the following circumstances:

  • When the main heating system provides inadequate heat
  • When it is too costly to install or operate the main heating system
  • When you only want to heat one room in the house
  • When there is inadequate heating in one specific room only, such as for people who are more sensitive to cold (i.e. elderly persons or those who are sick or with specific health needs)
  • When you want to heat outdoor spaces


There are generally three types of portable gas heaters:

  • Radiant heaters – They produce heat similar to a traditional fire log. They emit warmth that is then transferred to other objects around. They must not be used in cellars, basements, cellars, bedrooms, bathrooms, garages or other rooms that are exposed to breeze.
  • Flame effect heaters – They provide the effect of a flame without using real fire. Heat is emitted using the flames and artificial coals or logs. They usually have a sensor that turns off the heater when there is not sufficient oxygen in the room.
  • Catalytic heaters – They include a metal grill and a mesh lined with a catalyst such as platinum. Gas flows through the mesh that is controlled by a valve. Heat is created from the mesh, that is then absorbed and radiated by the grill. Convection of the heat is done by the grill, which also emits infrared waves.


It is important to always remember that safety is the number one consideration when using portable gas heaters.

In US, 25,000 fires in residential areas are caused by gas fires. This results in 300 fatalities and 600 other injuries. Read more about using your gas fires safely here.

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