Gas Fire Repair

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Gas Fire Repair

What is a Gas Fire?

A gas fire is also called a space heater or a room heater. A gas fire provides heat to a room or a small, enclosed outdoor area. Gas fires are a lot smaller compared  to boilers or  furnaces, and are usually portable. There are also wall mounted types of gas heaters. More specifically, gas fires are categorized into two:

  • Fueled – They are permanently installed and are safe to use if installed properly. The installation and height of the flue provides maximum heat to the room.
  • Non Fueled – This is also commonly called flueless fires, vent free heaters or unvented heaters. They may either be permanently installed or portable. Non fueled heaters are more risky than fueled ones, especially if they are not installed properly. They also require ventilation in the room, and more maintenance than fueled heaters.



Health risks of not following proper procedures include carbon monoxide exposure and increase in dioxide. The former is highly poisonous, and the latter can cause lung diseases. Carbon monoxide is a tasteless, colorless and odorless gas, yet very deadly. Exposure in small amounts can cause nausea and vomiting. Prolonged exposure can cause death.

High levels of carbon dioxide in the room prevents the lungs from functioning properly. It cannot properly exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Other than possible health issues and dangers of death, gas heaters can also cause fire.

Gas Fire Repair

Gas fire repair must only be done by Registered Gas Safe Engineers. This kind of heater requires special training and knowledge. It is important to follow safety procedures. The risk is too great.

RJ Gas Appliances Ltd employs engineers who are Gas Safe Registered and have years of experience in the business. We can service your home or office anywhere in East London. Call us today – or better yet, visit our showroom – and we will help you with your gas fire repair.

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