How to Use Your Gas Fire Safely

Learn how to use your gas fire safely in your home.


How to Use Your Gas Fire Safely

Gas Fires

A gas fire, also called a gas heater or a gas space heater, is great to have around the house in case your gas boiler needs repair and you have no heat at home. It can warm up a room or area in your home, or even an outdoor space.

However, because of the portable feature of gas fires, they pose health and safety risks.


How to Use Your Gas Fire Safely

We have outlined some tips on how to use your gas fire safely to avoid the dangers that they pose.

  • Right size. Use the right size of heater that the room needs. This way, you are only using the energy needed to heat the room. A heater that is too big for the room can also discharge more air pollutants. Most heaters include an advise as to the room size that it can be used.
  • Ventilation. When using a gas heater, keep the room well ventilated. This will allow fumes to dissipate and provide a source of fresh air. Ventilation also prevents condensation produced from small amounts of water vapor from the heater.
  • Where to use your heater. Know which rooms you can use your gas fire. If you have an unflued gas heater, do not use it in a room where you sleep for long periods of time. It can get very dangerous when left running unattended.
  • Positioning. Place your gas heater away from hazards. Keep it out of reach of children and pets, and do not place it in an area where people walk by a lot. Place it ona hard, flat surface and position it at least 3 feet from furniture or draperies. Do not place it in a damp area or where there is water. Store it in a safe place when not in use.
  • Plugging. Avoid using an extension cord or power strip when plugging in your gas heater. Always turn if off and unplug it when leaving the room.
  • Maintenance. Because dust and other particles can accumulate over time and clog up your gas heater, it should be cleaned and serviced regularly. Build up of soot and dust can make the operation of your gas heater unsafe. Check your owner’s manual and see what you can and can’t do in terms of cleaning. Schedule a qualified gas safe registered engineer for regular maintenance checks.
  • Always read the manual. Read the manufacturer’s guidelines before operating the gas fire for the first time, and any time you are in doubt.

For more help on how to use your gas fire safely, contact RJ Gas today.