MagnaClean Installation

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What is a MagnaClean filter?

A MagnaClean filter is a device that can be installed on a heating system’s return pipework. The filter can help prevent sludge build up, hence eliminating future needs for power flushing.

Corrosion produces a black sludge of iron oxide in untreated heating systems. This sludge is slowly and gradually deposited over time in your boiler’s heat exchanges, pumps, valves, the low lying parts of the heating system and the middle part of the radiators.The build up decreases the efficiency of your boiler, costing more power to run the system and eventually very poor performance that cannot heat the rooms properly anymore.

Getting a MagnaClean installation can prevent this.


How does it work?

MagnaClean is simply a filtration system for your central heating system. The MagnaClean filter is an inline capsule device that uses a strong magnetic shaft. The water that is going back to the boiler passes through the magnet. The device attracts all ferro- magnetic debris including iron oxides. The capsule acts as a catching device for the debris enters the boiler, preventing corrosion and damage.

This water treatment device can be fitted anywhere in your system, but preferably closer to the boiler where the water returns.


When is the best time to do a MagnaClean installation?

Typically, MagnaClean installation is done during new boiler installation, or even the installation of a full heating system. However, the filter can also be installed to existing boiler systems after doing a power flush.


Is there a need for maintenance?

Yes, a MagnaClean filter needs to be cleaned, but this job can be easily done by the homeowner. The cleaning takes no more than 10 minutes. Cleaning is usually done annually, but you can also do it more often if you like.


Getting a MagnaClean installation can do wonders to your heating system — and ultimately, on your energy bill. Because the MagnaClean filter removes the swarf, your hot water flows at a higher pressure. This means your rooms will get warm in a shorter amount of time and using less energy. The filter also prolongs the life of your heating system as it prevents buildup of sludge, corrosion and other damages, effectively saving you more money from boiler repairs and maintenance.

We highly recommend getting a MagnaClean installation as it is a simple process with immediate results and no on going costs. Call us today and ask about our MagnaClean installation service.