How to Recognize Boiler Problems

If you know how to recognize boiler problems, you can identify them early and possibly avoid more costly repairs.

How to Recognize Boiler Problems

Your heating system is one of the most important appliances in your home. It is also one of the most expensive to buy and to repair. Hence, you want it to last a long time. And it will – provided that you use it with care and maintain it properly.

Aside from getting an annual boiler service done, you can help prolong the life of your boiler by learning how to recognize boiler problems. If you know how to tell if your boiler is not functioning properly, you can provide a quick fix right away or call an engineer sooner rather than later. Letting a broken boiler sit without getting fixed and ignoring that it needs repair will only cost you more. That small problem will only get bigger and your boiler will perform poorly and slowly deteriorate. What may have been a need for a little tuning on the thermostat or pressure gauge can turn into a need to replace parts or even the entire boiler if the problem is ignored.

How to recognize boiler problems

Here are five signs that your boiler is not working okay:

  • There is no heat or no hot water (or both) – Perhaps this is the biggest sign that your boiler is having a problem, and it’s hard to miss. If your boiler is not heating, it does not always mean that is broken. This may be solved by doing simple DIY troubleshooting, such as simply checking your thermostat.
  • The flame in the boiler is not blue – If you see that the pilot light is not blue – it might be yellow or orange – call an engineer and have them take a look.
  • The boiler pressure is too high or too low – If the boiler keeps losing pressure (or the pressure is too high), get it checked by an engineer. You can also learn how to repressurize a boiler.
  • The boiler is making noise – A noisy boiler is a sign that something is not working right inside. If you have a gas boiler banging or it making other weird boiler noise, an engineer would be the best person to provide a solution.
  • The boiler is using up more gas than usual – If your boiler is no longer working efficiently, it is not only costing you tons of money annually on your energy bills, it is also a good indication of a boiler problem. A boiler upgrade or boiler replacement will be a good idea, and you can ask your local engineer to help you out.

If you know how to recognize boiler problems, and you think your boiler needs repair, call us at RJ Gas and we’ll have our engineers take a look.