Boiler Noise Reduction

Are you currently hearing boiler noise that sounds a little concerning? RJ Gas Appliances Ltd can check your boilers and ensure that it’s nothing serious. If there is something wrong, then we will make sure that it’s fixed before we call it a day.

Why do boiler noise occur?

Generally, boilers operate very quietly that you wouldn’t even notice that it is in operation. You only get the hot water and heat that you needed during the winter. However, just like any machines and equipments, they age. In that process, you will probably hear boiler noises coming from your boiler and sometimes its efficiency and safety could be affected. There are reasons why boiler noise occurs.

  • Your flow rate is wrong and this is caused by having a pump that’s too small.
  • The thermostat is not properly operating and so the burner could have been working double time.
  • Your central heating system could have been poorly designed which impedes the flow of water.
  • Your burner could possibly be a little too big for your boiler.
  • There is air trapped in your system.

Dealing with Boiler Noise

A noisy boiler is just one of the most common boiler problems encountered by many households. When this happens, there may be a need for you to seek help from a professional heating engineer in London. What the heating engineer will do is to check your central heating system and identify the causes of the boiler noise. If needed, a power flushing will be performed in order to remove the limescale, sludge or any other deposits found in oyour system. After the process is carried out, you will be left with a noise-free boiler.

Many people would be alarmed by the noise only because it will sound as if your entire central heating system will explode. There is nothing to be scared of however, this kind of situation should not be ignored.

Call RJ Gas Appliances Ltd today if you need professionals who can deal with boiler noise.