Boiler Problems

Are you currently dealing with boiler problems? How do you know in the first place that you have one? When is the right time to call and ask for help from the professional? These are just some of the questions that you’re probably asking yourself and we’re giving you tips on how you can identify whether your boiler has problems and when you should call for a professional help.

Signs of Boiler Problems

There are different tell-tale signs on whether you have boiler problems and these are just some of them.

No Heat/No Hot Water. This is probably the most common and the most obvious sign that there is a problem with your boiler. This may not necessarily mean that you have a big problem but this kind of concern can often be solved with just one single phone call.

Yellow/Orange Flame. If you own a gas boiler, you may want to look at the window at the gas flame if there’s one. You should be seeing a blue flame otherwise, you need to call a Gas Safe registered engineer to check on your boiler and have it fixed.

Dropping/Rising Boiler Pressure. If you checked and find out that your boiler pressure either drops regularly or rises up to high then its time to get it checked.

Strange Noises. Any strange sounds coming from your boiler should be addressed immediately. It could be clunking, banging, tickin or knocking. Make sure that you have it checked because this could indicate that there is something wrong with your boiler.

Rising Fuel Costs. If you noticed that there is a sudden increase in your gas bills then there is a possibility that your boiler may be using more gas than needed. This should be a red flag especially if there isn’t a change in your hot water consumption. Have your boiler checked and fixed right away.

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