When to Replace Your Boiler

Do you know when to replace your boiler?

when to replace your boiler

While it is true that a boiler upgrade can help you money, it does not necessarily apply to everyone. Knowing when to replace your boiler can help you make better decisions in making your purchased.

There is no doubt that the past few decades have seen great advancement in technology. This includes the systems used by boilers. New models are far more efficient than old boiler models. Efficiency refers to how much gas a boiler uses to heat a home to a certain temperature. A more efficient boiler uses less gas. Using less gas can save you a lot in your annual energy bill.

It is also important to understand that as your boiler gets older and outdated, it will be harder to find pare parts for it in case something goes wrong – and something will, sooner or later. New boiler models also emit less harmful gasses to the environment.

When to Replace Your Boiler

So when is the right time to do a boiler replacement? Generally, if your boiler is fifteen to twenty years old, it is no longer running as efficiently as it used to and may need a replacement. However, if your boiler is fifteen to twenty years old but you do not feel that it needs to be replaced OR it is less than that age range but has needed repair more than it should, you can all your local gas safe registered engineer and have them look at it. Ask for their advice if it would work on your advantage to replace your boiler now.

Here are some signs that you need to get a new boiler:

  • your energy bill keeps going up
  • your boiler has needed most repairs than in the past two years
  • your boiler is getting noisy (more on boiler banging)
  • your home is not as warm as it used to be

Know that after you have decided to replace your boiler, you will also need to choose what new boiler to purchase and who to call to get it installed. You have lots of options when it comes to boiler brands and models. (Read: Best Boiler Brands) Remember to always hire professional engineers to do boiler installation for you. Never attempt to do this by yourself.

If you are still not sure about when to replace your boiler, call us at RJ Gas and we’d love to help you out.