Summer Boiler Settings

summer boiler settingsMany modern boilers have summer boiler settings.

If they don’t you may see just an image of a radiator with a plus or minus sign. You can turn towards plus in winter and towards minus in summer..

Some boilers may have different summer boiler settings which you can find in you manual.

When the weather warms best to turn both both your thermostatic valves and your radiator setting lower. It can be a gradual process as spring moves into summer.

You may want to check the temperature of your taps as well. Set it as low as you can get away with as in summer.

Your bath doesn’t need the same temperature to heat up the water. For example you don’t need to heat up a cold steel bath in summer. If you are adding cold to a bath or to a tap in the kitchen you can probably turn down the temperature. This can save energy and water much of the time.

Gas Heating is very cost effective generally but may not be if you don’t take care to maintain it properly so make sure you use your summer boiler settings.

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