The Significance of Gas Safe Registered Engineers

Who are Gas Safe registered engineers?

When we talk about gas heating systems, the term “Gas Safe registered engineers” always crops up. Is it just a classification of workers or is there something special about this breed of professionals in the gas industry? At RJ Gas Appliances Ltd, we pride ourselves of the fact that we only employ Gas Safe registered engineers to render services to our clients.

Gas Safe registered engineers are the only people that are legally-certified to render service in gas-related industries. These people have spent time, money and effort to undergo proper training in the installation, repair and inspection of gas appliances that are used for cooking and heating our homes.  They must then undergo rigid examinations in order to get certification the area of gas work that they intend to do.  These certifications are under the United Kingdom Accreditation Service and known as the Nationally Accredited Scheme (ACS), or they may have the equivalen S/NVQ qualifications.  They are accredited only on their areas of competency.

After receiving a recognised certification, they must then register with the Gas Safe Register.   It is legally mandated that workers in this industry must register with the Gas Safe Register in order to practice their trade. Only Gas Safe registered engineers are legally allowed to undertake gas works in our home or in commercial gas industries.  People who are not registered are then deemed illegal gas engineers and are accountable to the law.

There are many reports of accidents happening, sometimes resulting to dire consequences, because the work done on gas-related installations or repairs were done by illegal gas engineers.  The Gas Safe Register has a number where you can report these illegal workers.

Are all Gas Safe registered engineers one and the same?

The answer is NO. Although they are all called Gas Safe registered engineers, they can only render services on the area of expertise where they are certified.  It is therefore advised to check the ID of the Gas Safe registered engineer that is about to work in your home to see if their certification and registration are current and that they are indeed competent to render the service that your require.

If you require the services of professionals with the necessary skill and competence for all your gas-related problems, then call RJ Gas Appliances Ltd Services right now.  You can be sure that only Gas Safe registered engineers will be knocking on your door to serve you.