Potterton Boiler Repairs

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potterton boiler repairs

What is Potterton?

Potterton is a trusted company in the UK for the past one hundred fifty years. They are known to make trusted boilers that are reliable and user friendly. In fact, according to Potterton’s website, they have made approximately 5 million boilers over the years that have been in the industry.

Potterton offers a variety of boilers such as combi, heat only, system boilers and floor standing models.  Customers can also opt to get natural gas or LPG models.

Potterton is part of BDR Thermea, a leading heating company in the UK and Europe. BDR Thermea provides heating products, services and solutions to homes, offices, and other buildings. Baxi boilers are also under BDR Thermea.


Potterton Boiler Repairs

Here are some commonly reported problems with Potterton boilers from customers:

  • Central heating system not heating
  • Boiler needs to restart to get heating or hot water
  • House gets too hot or water is always hot
  • Boiler makes vibrating sounds
  • “Lock out” manufacturer’s defects
  • Pressure keeps dropping
  • Overheating

There are several ways for you to fix simple problems by yourself. However, you must always remember that handling gas boilers can be very dangerous. Training and expertise are key in ensuring no untoward accidents happen.

There are many forums available online that provide free technical advice on how to do Potterton boiler repairs. Sometimes, there are engineers who are part of these forums, and they provide free tech support. However, there is no way of verifying their certification and expertise, nor do they guarantee their “advice” in case something goes wrong while you are fixing the boiler.

The User Manual that comes along with any boiler model made by Potterton is also very helpful in doing basic Potterton boiler repairs. The manual also provides specific warnings on when you should not attempt to fix the boiler by yourself. In fact, the manual suggests that you call an engineer to ensure proper repairs are done.


RJ Gas Heating Services has certified and trained engineers who are experienced in handling various boiler repairs with different brands and different problems, including Potterton. Call us today and schedule your Potterton boiler repairs with us.