Intermittent Hot Water

intermittent hot waterIntermittent hot water combi boiler

Sometimes you have hot water sometimes you don’t. There are usually only three main reasons for intermittent hot water (all caused because of scale):

  1. Diverter valve is jammed with scale
  2. Micro switch is stuck because of scale deposits
  3. Domestic heat exchanger could be scaled up

All three of these boiler repairs for intermittent hot water require a gas safe engineer to safely replace these parts.

Watch the video below to see what scale does to a heat exchanger and how one couple solved their scale problem.




Boiler repairs because of scale are often more expensive then anything else. It may be worth the investment in water softening systems to save on many of your household appliances. If you hear a boiler noise while having intermittent hot water it is like scale as well.

Intermittent hot water is a real danger sign, call a gas plumber straight away 0208 520 3466.

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