I Smell Gas

I smell gasIf you have said recently I smell gas, whatever you do don’t ignore it.

If you are outside and smell gas, first make note of exactly where you smell it. For instance if you smell gas as you are walking down the street, when did you start smelling it and when did it stop? Such as “from house number 34 all the way to the end of the road” then call the following number:

England National Gas Emergency number: 0800 111 999

  1. If you are inside and smell gas, immediately open the windows
  2. Then if you can tell what appliance it is coming from turn it off then turn off the gas at the mains
  3. Take children or elderly outside if gas smell is throughout the home
  4. If you or anyone feels dizzy, has a bad headache, or sick to your stomach go to the hospital and say you are concerned about carbon monoxide posion
  5. Call your landlord or if you own the property, call a gas safe registered engineer
I smell gas, is a phrase that should never be ignored.

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