How Upgrading Your Boiler Can Help You Save Money

Did you know that upgrading your boiler can help you save money? Here’s how.

Upgrading Your Boiler

You’re probably wondering, how can getting a boiler upgrade and paying for boiler installation actually help me save money? Today’s boiler models have drastically changed. New models are more efficient than ever before — 90% more efficient than their predecessors. A lot of research is being done that allows manufacturers to create new boilers that use heating methods that allow the customers to save energy, as well as make less carbon output. On the other hand, old gas boilers are not reliable in terms of energy saving.

How much will you be saving?

According to the Energy Saving Trust, your savings will depend greatly on how old (and inefficient) your current boiler is, as well as the amount of fuel it regularly burns. Here are some estimates on your possible savings, if you replace your old boiler with a new condensing one that is A- rated with a rogrammer, room thermostat and thermostatic radiator controls (TRVs):

In England, Scotland and Wales:

  • Rating of Old Boiler: G (<70% efficiency)
    • semi detached house: £215
    • detached house: £350
    • detached bungalow: £180
    • mid terrace house: £175
    • mid floor flat £95
  • Rating of Old Boiler: F (<70-74% efficiency)
    • semi detached house: £145
    • detached house: £240
    • detached bungalow: £120
    • mid terrace house: £120
    • mid floor flat £65
  • Rating of Old Boiler: E (<74-78% efficiency)
    • semi detached house: £115
    • detached house: £190
    • detached bungalow: £90
    • mid terrace house: £95
    • mid floor flat £50
  • Rating of Old Boiler: D (<78-82% efficiency)
    • semi detached house: £85
    • detached house: £140
    • detached bungalow: £65
    • mid terrace house: £70
    • mid floor flat £35

More Tips

While it is true that boiler installation is one the single biggest expenses you will ever have to make for your home, in the long run, it will save you energy and help the environment. Here are some tips on how you can manage this expense better:

  • Do your research. Get a quote from the leading boiler company in your area then look for more competitive prices. You can check online prices or call smaller or independent installers.
  • Hire only qualified and accredited installers. Make sure the engineers are gas safe registered to ensure the quality of work. This will also avoid any back jobs or damages to your boiler or even your property.
  • Choose your new boiler wisely. Get a boiler that will best suit your needs, your lifestyle and the size of your house.

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