How to Remove a Radiator for Decorating

How to remove a radiator for decorating

How to remove a radiator for decorating

Not many know how to remove a radiator for decorating but it is not as hard as it may seem just follow these instructions.

First gather what you will need, another person, a bucket, small bowl, bleed valve key, and two adjustable spanners.

  1. turn off the heat and allow radiator to be completely cold
  2. shut off the lockshield valve which is normally on the left hand side of the radiator by removing the cap and with an adjustable spanner turn the valve clock wise until it stops (do not tighten too tight and make a note of how many turns so you can turn it on the same amount when finished),
  3. then move to the right hand side of the radiator to the manual control valve and close it with your hand by turning it clockwise
  4. now pull away any rug and put towels down around the right hand side manual control valve and have someone with a bowl ready to catch the water that will come from the next step
  5. take the bleed valve key and use it on the bleed valve which is usually on the top right and turn counter-clockwise slowly letting all the water out
  6. now take both spanners and close one onto the manual valve on the right to keep it from moving and close the other spanner on the nut that connects the manual valve to the radiator and loosen it by turning anti-clockwise and be ready with bowl again
  7. close the nut while your helper empties the bowl and open it up again when they are ready with it. Do this several times until there is no more water
  8. now undo the lockshield valve on the left in the same way using both spanners again
  9. then gently lift the radiator off its brackets then empty the rest of the water
  10. cover the pipes with a carrier bag and paint then let dry completly

Now you know how to remove a radiator for decorating

then put it back on

  1. put it back on brackets making sure the valves are aligned
  2. tighten the nuts that connect both valves to the radiator
  3. take the bleed valve key and close the bleed valve by turning clockwise
  4. now turn the lockshield valve the same amount of turns back the opposite way that you made note of before
  5. now open control valve on right hand side by turning anti-clockwise to fill up
  6. lastly use the key on the bleed valve to let air out while it is filling up

You have done it! Now go have a cup of tea :)

Know you know how to remove a radiator for decorating and put it back on.

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