Gas Oven Not Getting Hot

gas oven not getting hot Gas oven not getting hot?

If oven flame stays low and does not rise to a full flame then there may be a possible fault in the flame failure device that would need replacing.

If the oven flame has worked for a while then stops working check the probe that is usually in the flame and see if it has gotten dirty or has been moved. If dirty very carefully clean and make sure it is in the correct position and dry. If all looks okay then it is probably the flame failure device (FFD) which will need replacing.

Gas oven not getting hot still?

If the oven flame is low and the top cooker flames are low as well there could be a gas flow problem to the whole appliance. Has someone turned off the valve recently for something? It is possible they did not turn it on fully. This would restrict the gas flow to the whole appliance.

If your gas oven not getting hot or gas heating appliances causing trouble we can help.

gas oven not getting hot

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