Gas Oven Low Flame E10

If you have a gas oven low flame, it may be the flame failure device is faulty and needs replacing.


gas oven low flame failure device

A flame failure device ensures that when a flame goes out that no gas escapes protecting you and family from carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide poisoning should never be taken lightly, it causes far too much harm every year for people not to treat it with respect. Please take time to memorize the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning so that you’re familiar with them. Additionally, make sure everyone in the house knows them inside and out. If you even get the inkling that there may be Carbon Monoxide in the air of your home or business, don’t waste of time and call the proper channels immediately.

Help extend the life of your oven and its parts by covering sizzling sausages and food which coat the parts like in the pictures below.



Gas Oven Low Flame

There are other reasons for having gas oven low flame that you can check out and fix on your own. Before doing any of the tips listed below, make sure your gas supply is turned off. You can find the gas line behind the oven, and there is a knob that turns it on or off.

  • Clean the burners. Dirty burners can cause gas oven low flame. Using a diluted baking soda mix and a toothbrush, gently clean the surface of the burner as well as the burner holes. Use one end of a paperclip to poke through the burner and remove any more dirt inside.

flame failure device

  • Check the oven’s thermostat or temperature sensor. A defective thermostat, or one that is not properly calibrated, can cause poor heating in your oven. If your oven has an electric sensor, heat your oven and manually check if the temperature is correct by using a thermometer. If the temperature is off by 30 degrees, the sensor needs to be replaced. A mechanical thermostat can be adjusted manually. Take off the adjustment knob and you will find the calibration plate on the back. Loosen the screw and adjust it to the right setting. Make sure you place the plate back tightly.
  • Check your oven’s bake igniter. If the igniter is burned out or weak, your oven may not heat properly. Longer baking time is an indication of a faulty igniter. The bake igniter is located behind the burner. It may be round or rectangular in shape, and about 1 by 4 inches in size. If the igniter puts of a light but does not ignite flame, it is too weak. Contact a professional engineer to repair the oven and replace the part.


Gas oven low flame is a problem easily solved; you can call us today and we’ll help you out.

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