Gas Fire Problem E5


How to deal with a Gas Fire Problem E5

If you’re experiencing any kind of alarming issues or Gas Fire Problem E5, contact Gas Safe Corgi registered RJ Gas, and we’ll have the problem fixed in no time flat.

Solving a Gas Fire Problem E5

We were contacted by a customer who was experiencing an unexpected problem with their gas fire. They had to turn it off because after having it on full, it went out. It was the 2nd time that it went out like that, and they were curious if they should have us come take a look at it. The answer was an emphatic yes!

The reason is because this is typically a sign that the product’s safety devises or measures kicked in and turned the flame off as a precautionary measure. Usually they are ODS, or Oxygen Depletion System fireplaces. Of course the last thing you would want is to wait until someone is harmed as a result of ignoring a problem that could be so serious.

Gas Fire Problem E5 Explanation

This type of behavior is most commonly caused by the pilot flame not being able to sustain the safety thermocouple as hot as it needs to be to keep the safety magnet sufficiently open. This will cause the fire to shut down in a really short amount of time. If you get your gas appliances checked on an annual basis, the chance of problems occurring and you being left in the cold during winter months is reduced.

We got there quickly, took a look, cleared debris and dust away, checked the feed pipe, and the pilot light. We had things quickly sorted out, and things returned to normal for another happy customer. If you experience anything similar, it’s always the safest option to call RJ Gas with your Gas Fire Problem E5.

Gas fire problem e5

Solve your gas fire problem E5 today

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