Gas dangers in winter and annual checks

In the UK, our winters are getting colder and longer requiring the use of our gas heaters, cookers, and fires. Although this gives us an escape from the cold outside, all gas appliances should be checked annually to make sure they are functioning correctly and working safely. Without these crucial checks you could be exposing you and your family to carbon monoxide poisoning and a variety of other dangers.

Our customers need to be aware that there are indicators to show when your appliance isn’t working properly and requires servicing:

  • The flame of your appliance is yellow and ‘lazy’ rather than burning with a ‘crisp’ blue flame.
  • Soot marks or black stains form around your appliance
  • The pilot light isn’t continuously on rather flickers on and off
  • There is a high amount of condensation in the room
  • Overall the appliance isn’t functioning correctly.

RJ Gas Appliances Ltd Services provides gas fire service and repairs, boiler service and repairs and other gas appliance checks in the London area. Our company believes that safety and value are key which reflects in our much needed value for money service. Our registered engineers inspect your gas appliances in a number of ways:

  • Inspection of settings to make sure that they are burning correctly and are running at the right operating pressure.
  • Harmful gases such as Carbon Monoxide are being disposed of outside your home effectively.
  • All ventilation such as chimneys and flue are clear and fully functioning
  • All the safety devices are working at full function.

As a well established company who has been working for over 35 years within our field we have developed and trained a highly experienced team which provides all of our customers with a reliable and efficient service to comply with all your gas appliance needs.

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