Gas Boilers and Gas Safety Check.

RJ Gas can help landlords with the Gas Safety Check requirement of the law

As landlords, you are primarily responsible for the safety of your tenants. Under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, the landlords are legally mandated to perform the following tasks in connection with the heating and hot water systems that are utilized within their rented property. RJ Gas, with it’s over 75 years of combined experience with gas appliances, can make sure that all legal requirements are complied with for the safety of the tenants that are living within your rented property.

Landlords are legally responsible in maintaining and repairing all gas appliances within their property.

Landlords are  legally required to repair boilers, gas pipework, flues, and other gas appliances located within their property that are used for heating and hot water systems, and maintain them functioning in optimum conditions. Although it is not mandated, installing carbon monoxide (CO2) alarms are also highly-recommended by the HSE. 

Getting your boilers and other gas appliances for gas safety check certification.

While the annual servicing of boilers is not legally required, as landlords, you are legally mandated to have your gas appliances used for heating and hot water systems inspected annually for gas safety check certification. These inspections can, aside from fulfilling the requirements of the law, can easily pick-up potential faults in your gas boilers and prevent costly repair in the future. This may also prevent the hassles of any legal actions against you as a landlord from any party. For these inspections, you must always remember the following.

  • The Gas Safety Inspection Check (CP12) must be done every twelve months.
  • Only Gas Safe Registered Engineers are allowed to do these inspections. Please make sure that they are registered with the Gas Safe Register (formerly known as Corgi). Do not hesitate to ask them for their ID.
  • During the servicing of your boiler, be sure to have all the necessary inspections done with your gas appliances. Be it the pipes, flues, ventilation and the wiring.
  • Have the Gas Safe registered engineer issue a record to you and give you a copy of the Landlord’s Gas Safety Record, or CP12. This must contain all the completed actions done on your gas appliance and any recommendation on what to repair on said appliances.
  • Keep  the Gas Safety Check certificate and any other records on follow-up with the recommendations of the Gas Safe registered engineer. This will comprise all your records on gas safety within your property. Keep this records for a period of not less than two years.

With our professional staff and decades of experience, we assure you of the highest quality of service when it comes to gas appliances for heating and water systems. At RJ Gas, our Gas Safe registered engineers can assist you in following the requisites of the law, including performing a gas safety check certification for all your gas appliances.