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Check out the professionals at RJ GAS, and see what it takes to be the go-to company for people’s Worcester Boiler E17 issues, problems, hang ups, and repair work.

Worcester Boiler E17Fresh Worcester Boiler E17 Work

This particular customer called us because they had noticed a substantial rise in their energy bill over the last six months and wanted to know what was going on. This had something to do with the system itself, because rises in energy prices couldn’t account for it.

The first thing we suggested was to perform an energy audit, and see where the energy was leaking, if it was leaking, how much, and what could be done about it. After they had an audit done it was determined that their old boiler was insufficient for their needs, older than it should be, and it was already on its last leg.

They were embarrassed and didn’t want us to publish a photo of their old boiler. As you can see however, their new boiler is modern, compact, extremely efficient, and will get their energy bill back to where it should be. They are very pleased, and the work itself took nearly no time at all, in fact, the audit took more time than our technicians did.

Worcester Boiler E17 Professionals

If you’ve noticed some issues regarding your energy bill, your boiler, or anything of the sort, don’t hesitate to call a company that East London knows, trusts, and respects. We provide excellent customer service, lots of helpful information, and make it our mission to go above and beyond the expectations of our first time customers.

Finally, during these hectic days of climate change and economic instability, there’s no reason to go without a regular energy audit. They’re cheap, but can pay for themselves within months when you save on monthly expenses. Contact RJ Gas today for your Worcester Boiler E17 needs and concerns.

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