Electric Oven Repair

If you need electric oven repair services, RJ Gas Appliances Limited has engineers who can help you!


Electric Oven Repair

Your Electric Oven

While we specialize in gas appliances, RJ Gas Appliances Limited technicians are trained to handle electric gas oven issues as well.

From the simple ovens and mortar hearths used in the ancient times, the first electric oven was introduced in the late 1890s. However, it was not commercially available until much later, around the 1920s and 1930s.

Here are the basic types of ovens:

  • Traditional, Regular or Conventional Oven. This is a full, standard oven popularly used for many years. Food is cooked from the bottom using electric heating coils.
  • Convection. In addition to electric heating coils, the convection oven also features a fan that circulates the heat inside. This allows you to cook your food more evenly and faster.
  • Speed Cook. A speed cook oven features a halogen light and microwaves where radiant heat is derived. This technology cooks the food from both outside and inside. Speed cook ovens are available in the regular or traditional size, and a smaller microwave-size.
  • Trivection. The trivection technology combines convection, microwave and thermal energy processes.
  • Refrigerated. Refrigerated ovens are conventional ovens that includes a cooling element. You can set the time when the cooking will start. Until then, the oven will keep the meat / food cool. After cooking, the oven will keep the food warm for an hour, before it goes back to refrigeration mode.
  • Steam. This uses a water dripping process. The water flows through the waterline inside the cooking chamber. Steam is discharged and distributed in the oven while cooking.

Types of electric ovens according to style include built in or built under, freestanding, pull out or drawer ovens, and slide in or slot in. In addition, there are microwave ovens for reheating.


Electric Oven Repair

Electric oven repair requires the expertise of a trained professional. RJ Gas Appliances Limited’s engineers have years of experience on the job. While we specialize on gas appliances, it is not uncommon for us to be called on electric oven repair issues. Over the years, we have acquired the knowledge and training needed to complete the job safely and successfully.

RJ Gas Appliances Limited can help you with your electric oven repair, call us today!

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