Electric Oven Not Working

We can Assist if your Electric Oven not Working

Although we are primarily a company dealing with gas, we can help if your electric oven not working too! Although it does not pose the same risks as a gas appliance (carbon monoxide poisoning), it can still make life difficult for you. The more modern electrical devices such as the cooker and microwave seem to have more functions than a Swiss army knife, so it is handy to know help is only a phone call away if you have tried all the troubleshooting advice.

What to do if your electric oven not working?

If your home is subject to a power cut and your electric oven doesn’t seem to work after try the following:

  • If there is an electric clock that has started working again but isn’t set correctly or is flashing, reset it to the correct time (sounds weird but works in many cases)
  • check the circuit breaker and see it is in on position. Ovens are often on their own breaker that may be on the main board or in the kitchen
  • if none of the above, some not-so-new ovens have fuses either in the back or under the top of the range, check these and if blown check the amp and replace with same

If all the electrical bits seem to work fine, like lights and clock, it may be the heating element or thermostat. Some elements can be easy to replace and some not. If in doubt feel free to contact us for help.

Obviously an electric oven not working is not a gas problem but we have experience with them.

Over the years we have had lots of requests including advice for electrical appliances. As some customers have built a good trusting relationship with us, they are dubious about going elsewhere for their needs. Luckily they do not have to in most cases as we can provide both good advice, diagnostics and replacement parts if necessary. Some appliances are a mixture of both gas and electric so it can get confusing as to who you should contact in the event of repairs being needed.

Contacting sooner rather than later can mean that the job is simple to undertake. When you notice a problem and leave it to chance it can sometimes work out more expensive in the long run. This is especially so if other parts of the oven have been working twice as hard to compensate for those that need to be replaced.

electric oven not working electric oven not working

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