Boiler Installation Walthamstow

Any new gas boiler installation Walthamstow should be preformed by a Gas Safe Registered Installer.

boiler installation walthamstow

Safe Boiler Installation Walthamstow

Always ask for the installer number and check their website Gas Safe Register to be sure. All of our installations are checked by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer. What could be more important than safety? Not only for human lives that are around and depend on the appliance, but the property that houses it.

Then register for your warranty, usually you can call a number or may go to a website. All too often consumers don’t seem to care about warranties. These are crucial! Not surprisingly the people who adore them are the ones who’ve had to depend on and use them.

Along with boilers, there are tons of things that should be checked by a Gas Safe engineer. These include warm air heaters, space heaters, water circulators, all kinds of cookers, appliances, and on and on. This is serious stuff. Every year there are huge losses in property damage from neglected boilers, or ones that haven’t been thoroughly checked before installation, and routinely afterwards. Don’t take unnecessary chances when RJ Gas is nearby and standing at the ready to sort things out hassle free.

With a new boiler installation Walthamstow, make sure you keep all documents and invoices safe and easy to find. That way if you ever need any boiler servicing you have model number to hand which may speed up any part ordering or may help a serviceman to diagnose a problem over the phone which could save you time and money. It’s on in the planning and expert execution of both the tiny details, and the elbow work. Our experience speaks extensively for us in both respects.

With a new boiler installation Walthamstow make sure your installer fills out your book, empties and flushes your system before leaving.

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