Boiler and Heating Controls

Learn more about boiler and heating controls and how they can help your central heating system run more efficiently.


boiler and heating controls

Boiler and Heating Controls

Heating controls are important in running a boiler- powered central heating system efficiently. Smart use of these controls can help you save money by making sure that each room in your home is comfortably heated while avoiding overheating. This minimizes the heat and fuel used, and helps save you money.

If you have outdated boiler and heating controls, you may not only be wasting energy but also opening potential problems. Here are some problems out of date controls can cause:

  • Hot water cylinder supplied by gravity-fed water – stored water takes longer to reheat.
  • No cylinder thermostat – temperature for stored water is too high and can risk scalding.
  • No cylinder insulation – wasted heat through the surface of the cylinder.
  • No room thermostat – rooms get too hot, using too much energy.
  • Lack of thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) – room temperatures get too hot and heating system balance is poor.
  • Absence of boiler interlock – the boiler stays hot all the time and cycles unnecessarily during programmed heating periods.


Here are the basic boiler and heating controls that you need:

  • Boiler Controls
    • On/ Off Switch
    • Temperature Controls
    • Mechanical Boiler Timers
  • Central Heating Controls
    • Room Thermostat
    • Programmable Room Thermostat
    • Thermostatic Radiator Control Valves (TRVs)
  • Hot Water Controls
    • Cylinder Thermostat
  • Advanced Boiler and Heating Controls
    • Intelligent heating controllers
    • Weather compensators
    • Full Zone Controls

These controls allow you to take control of when your heating system is on, in which specific room in the house and the exact temperature to run it.

Take note of these simple tips that can help you use your boiler and heating controls more efficiently to make a difference in the fuel and energy that you save:

  • You can save £55 by simply turning your thermostat down by 1°C.
  • When you zone your heating, focus on the rooms that are used most in your home.
  • Set your heating system to be on only when the house is occupied.
  • Set your thermostatic radiator valves (TVRs) to a low temperature.


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