Gas Appliances Repair

If you are looking for Gas Safe Registered engineers who can do you gas appliances repair, RJ Gas Heating Services can definitely help you!

Gas appliances is one of our specialty services. We can install, repair and service your gas appliances.


gas appliances repair

Gas Appliances

Here are some of the gas appliances that we cater to:

  • Cooker. A gas cooker is a range or a set of burners whose fuel source is natural gas, liquified petroleum, propane or other similar gas. Repair issues can vary from a simple not heating to a dangerous gas leak.
  • Oven. A gas oven may be attached to the range and cooker, or may be a completely separate unit. Because baking is a more exact art than cooking, a problematic oven can cause a lot of trouble.
  • Water heater. The water heater is one of the most important appliances in your home. Unfortunately, because it is not in use for about half of the entire year, it tends to get rusty when the cold weather starts to come in. Simple issues can cause big inconveniences.
  • Boiler. Your boiler manages the entire heating system of your house. A boiler breakdown is unacceptable especially during the cold seasons. Boiler problems can get annoying and increasingly inconvenient.


Gas Appliances Repair

Installation, repair and service for any gas appliance must only be done by Registered Gas Safe engineers. Gas repairs gone wrong have ugly implications. These can lead to broken appliances, fires, carbon monoxide poisoning and leak, and even death.

A gas repair done in a Brecon house in 2006 is said to have not been carried out properly. According to court documents, the repairman was not familiar with the type of appliance he was asked to fixed. The £60 -job left the owner of the house and her friend, aged 72 and 74, dead from carbon monoxide poisoning. Their bodies were found 12 days after the repair was done.

RJ Gas Heating Services has over 75 years of combined experience in the business. Our clients include landlords, businesses and homes. Call us today and schedule a Registered Gas Safe engineer for your gas appliances repair.

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