Gas Cooktop Common Questions and Answers

gas cooktop photographGas cooktop problems?

Here’s a few of the common questions we get asked, and would like to share with you the answers, it’s our honor, and privilege to be of service to our friends and neighbors in the East London area.

Hey RJ, what does it mean if I smell Gas?

If you’re not cooking, and you pick up the scent of gas, then there’s most definitely a problem that needs looking into. First things first, disconnect the gas cooktop from whatever power source it’s using. You can call the local gas company and have them investigate it, or, call up the professionals at RJ Gas and we’ll hurry on over and sort you out.

Hey RJ why is my gas cooktop temperature wrong?

The temperature is typically under the command of a thermostat, which itself employs a capillary, along with a liquid filled bulb. As this bulb heats up and expands, it can pinch the diaphragm that serves as the doorway switch between the gas and the burner. Thermostats can lose calibrations, bulbs can loosen from its cradle, and the result can be faulty readings. If you need help, RJ Gas will send a technician on over to not only fix the problem, but physically show you things you can try if it happens again.

Hey RJ why is my gas cooktop getting really hard to start?

So you’re turning any one of the little knobs to try and light a burner, and hearing the click sounds from the igniter, but it takes a while to get going. Despite being able to visibly see the sparks, and smell gas. Well, usually underneath the appliance there could be a faulty spark module, or perhaps it’s a wiring issue somewhere along the line as they lead into the burners, or yet still it could be a specific valve getting mucked up, restricting the gas flow. The point is that this common problem has many possible culprits, and the best thing to do is ring the experts here at RJ Gas. We can talk you through, or help you out with whatever you need to get cooking again.

If you’re in the East London area, and a devout gas cooktop user with questions, contact RJ gas today for the answers.

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