Boiler Glossary

Be familiar with boiler terminology using our boiler glossary.   Boiler Glossary Air purge – The removal of undesired matter by replacement with air. Air vent – A valved opening in the top of the highest drum of a boiler or pressure vessel for venting air. Bleed valve – This is an air release valve used to release air from a central heating system. Boiler – A closed vessel in which water is heated, steam is generated, steam is superheated, or any combination thereof, under pressure or vacuum by the application of heat from combustible fuels, electricity, or nuclear energy.  Burner – A device which combines fuel and air in proper proportions for combustion and which enables the fuel-air mixture to burn stably to give a specified flame size and shape. Casing – A covering of sheets of metal or other material such as fire resistant composition board used to enclose all or a portion of a steam-generating unit. Circulation Pipes – This is the main water flow to and from the central heating boiler for the radiator circuit.  Circulation Pump  – A device used to pump water to the central heating system.  Combination Boiler – A combi boiler is a highly efficient water heater and central heating boiler combined in a single unit. Combustion Chamber – The area within the boiler where the fuel is burnt. Condensing Boiler – A condensing boiler is a central heating boiler that has improved efficiency over a standard boiler. Condensing boilers achieve their extra efficiency by extracting extra energy from the hot exhaust gases produced by the boiler. A condensing boiler captures much more usable heat from its fuel than a non-condensing boiler. Conventional Boiler...

Gas Oven Repair

Our Gas Safe Registered engineers can handle any gas oven repair in your home. Gas Ovens: A Quick Introduction Gas ovens may use different types of gas. Some gases used in ovens are butane, propane, liquified petroleum gas and natural gas. These are used as the fuel source for the oven. The earliest use of a gas cooker and oven was in 1802. All of the food served at a dinner hosted by Zachaeus Winzler were cooked on a gas cooker and the attached oven compartment. More gas cooker inventions came out in the 1820s. In 1826, James Sharp patented his gas stove in England and began selling it to the public in 1834. The oven is usually attached to the cooker. This is called a range. Ranges vary depending on the design and style. There are freestanding ranges, slide in ranges, or you may opt to put a separate cooker on a cooktop and a wall oven.   Common Gas Oven Problems When your oven acts up, you may have a big problem in your hands. Not only are home cooked meals put to a halt, you will be more pressured if you’re preparing for a party or dinner for guests. Here are some of the most common gas oven repair issues our customers come across: Oven does not turn on Oven light is on but oven is not heating Oven is hotter than the temperature its set for Timer is not working Self -clean feature is not working Oven door does not close Oven door gets very hot Oven door does not open The oven light either...

Gas cooker repair Leyton E10 East London

RJ Gas Appliances Ltd can get your gas cooker repair needs completed quickly and efficiently. Our team of experienced Registered Gas Safe engineers are very friendly and will answer any questions you may have about your cooker.   Your cooker Your cooker is probably one of the most important appliances in your home. It is where you cook your daily meals. There are many types of cookers to choose from – cooktops or ranges, freestanding or built in, gas or electric. The brand choices have also widened over the past years.   Gas or Electric: The Pros and Cons The first thing you may need to consider is the price. Although electric cookers are cheaper than gas ones, electricity is more expensive than gas. Electric cookers use easier temperature controls and the oven heats more evenly compared to gas-run ovens. Although you will have more choices in terms of style, color and brand with electric cookers, gas cookers heat faster because the fire actually licks your pots and pans.   Always Remember… If you choose to have a gas cooker in your home, always have the installation and repair done only by Registered Gas Safe Engineers.   Gas Cooker Repair: The common problems you will encounter Here are some of the common issues you may encounter with your gas cooker: 1) Cooker not working at all 2) Oven not heating 3) Burner not heating 4) Oven temperature is incorrect 5) Too much smoke 6) Gas odor 7) Noisy surface burner 8) Pilot light is out 9) Gas leak 10) Weak flame   It is important to remember that handling...

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