Things To Consider When Choosing Combi Boilers

With all the combi boilers in the market, which is right for your home?

Combi boilers are now becoming increasingly popular in the UK. This is due to that fact that combi boilers offers the convenience of having hot water on-demand and providing heat in your home at the same time.  Since combi boilers heat water instantly, they get their supply directly from the water mains, so you have hot water all the time. To provide warmth for homes, a pump circulates the hot water all throughout your central heating system. Combi boilers are ideal in homes that have limited space.Without the need for bulky storage cylinders for the water, combi boilers free up a lot of space when compared to other forms of boilers. They can be set-up in the kitchen or the airing cupboard.

Things to consider in choosing combi boilers

  • When choosing the size of your combi boiler, always consider the number of rooms that needs to be heated, as well as the number of taps and showers that will be supplied with hot water. Remember that the size of a combi boiler will have a direct impact on your energy bills.
  • If you have low water pressure from the mains, this will greatly affect it’s ability to supply hot water. Most units have a minimum water pressure rate threshold. If the flow of water is below the minimum rate, the unit will not start.
  • If you have multiple taps or shower open at the same time, the flow of hot water will be reduced to each of them depending on the power of your boiler.

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