How To Clean Your Stovetop

Learning how to clean your stovetop properly will help keep your stove in good condition.


How To Clean Your Stovetop

Most common gas range problems can, in fact, get fixed quite easily. One example of this is when your burners don’t work. (Read more about how to deal with faulty gas rang burners¬†here.) Typically, the main cause of faulty stove burners is build up of food and dirt that block the holes in the burner. This can easily be resolved by cleaning the stove. However, knowing how to clean you stovetop properly and safely is important.


Follow our tips below on how to clean your stovetop and make sure your burners are dirt free all the time.

  • Turn off the burners and make sure they have completely cooled off before starting.
  • Make a soapy mixture by filling your sink with hot water and adding ample amount of liquid dishwashing soap.
  • Remove the grates, surface burners and knobs.
  • Soak them in the soapy mixture long enough for the grease to be easily removed.
  • While soaking, scrape off dried food on the surface of the stove. Use a plastic knife or spatula. Metal scrapers can scratch the surface of the stove. Wipe off the dirt you scraped off using a damp cloth.
  • Mix two parts baking soda with one part water. Use this paste and a wet rag to scrub away stubborn dirt that did not come off right away.
  • Pour a small amount of dishwashing soap on a cloth or sponge and wet with water. Squeeze most of the water out so it doesn’t drip all over your stove. Wipe the range clean. Re-soap the sponge if needed.
  • Rinse off the sponge and make sure there is no more residue of soap or dirt. The, wipe / rinse off the stove with your clean sponge.
  • Go back to your soaking burners. Use a scrub pad or brush to clean the grates and burners.
  • Check the holes of the burners for dirt and food particles that may be clogging them.
  • Using a small wire, pipe cleaner or pin, clean the holes by poking through them.
  • Rinse the burners and wipe them dry before placing them back on the stove.

By learning how to clean your stovetop, and regularly cleaning it, you can prolong the life of your stove and avoid constant repairs.

Call RJ Gas if you need more help or if you’re unsure of how to clean your stovetop by yourself.