Gas Oven vs Electric Oven

Gas Oven vs Electric OvenWhich One to Buy: Gas Oven vs Electric Oven


Are you planning to buy a new oven, but not sure whether to go gas or electric? Here is a quick guide for you.


Gas Oven vs Electric Oven

Electric Ovens

  • Pros
    • Electric ovens are cheaper and easier to install. There is no installation work needed; you just have to plug it in!
    • The burners and surfaces are easier to clean.
    • Electric ranges that feature a smooth top offer more stability for your cookware. It can also serve as an additional counter for storage when not in use.
    • It is easy to turn the burners on and off. There is no need to use a lighter or igniter.
    • Heat distribution is more even during baking.
    • Electric ovens usually offer more functions compared to gas, such as fans and grillers.
  • Cons
    • It takes longer to adjust heat temperature in the burners when cooking. Adjusting the dials is also less precise.
    • The burners take more time to cool down after turning them off. If you leave a pot on the burner after you turn it off, it will continue to cook
    • Because they run on electricity, they are subject to power outages.
    • While they may be cheaper to buy, they cost about twice as much energy to run compared to gas ovens, and are less efficient.

Gas Ovens

  • Pros
    • The dials provide more precise heating for the burners.
    • The power source, natural gas, is less expensive than electricity and is readily available.
    • Operation of gas ovens is cheaper in the long term.
    • Cooking is done faster, as the flames heat the bottom of the pan as well as lick its sides.
    • Changing temperatures is easier and faster. There is no need to wait for the burners to warm up.
    • Cooling the burners is faster too.
  • Cons
    • More expensive to buy and requires installation.
    • There is potential risk for gas leaks and catching fire in a open flame.
    • Oven temperature is usually hotter on top, providing uneven heat when baking.

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