Gas Oven Buying Guide

Read our gas oven buying guide before going shopping and get some useful tips.


An oven is an essential appliance in any kitchen. Whether you are replacing your old stove or buying one for your new home, you surely want to buy one that will be best for your family’s needs and is worth your money. Gone are the days when you only have two options for your oven: one that will attach to a gas line and another to an¬†electric socket. Ovens are not cheap either, and you want to buy the right one the first time. Read our gas oven buying guide below and get tips from our experts.


Gas Oven Buying Guide

Our gas oven buying guide is full of helpful tips for when you go shopping.

  • Consider the size. Do not immediately buy the biggest and shiniest. Always consider whether your new oven will fit into your kitchen, leaving you with enough room to work in the area. If you bake a lot and have the space, double ovens will be a good choice. There are also extra wide ovens available. Other oven features to consider with your kitchen size are the internal vs external grills, side doors and built in vs freestanding types.
  • Gas or electric. Decide what fuel you want to use. Electric ovens are generally less expensive, but gas ovens are less expensive to operate. While electric ovens have more functions and can bake more evenly, gas ovens do not dry out the food.
  • Built in or freestanding. Based on your kitchen layout and design, decide if you will get a built in or freestanding range / oven. If you are buying for a new house that is yet to be finished, then you have the liberty to choose one that will fit the design that you want.
  • The door. Make sure the door is light, easy to open and seals well. Check that the door stays open in any position, without closing or falling open suddenly, and that there is a clear window that will allow you to see the food that you are baking. If you have the space and want to turn food placed at the back to the oven more easily, you can buy an oven with side doors.
  • Interior functions. Make sure the space inside is large enough, there is a light, and the shelves don’t suddenly slide down when pulling them out.
  • The grill. Check that the grill tray is easy to pull in and out but won’t suddenly slide off. You can choose a model with an external grill, which is more versatile.
  • Special functions. Some oven models offer additional functions such as quick preheat, fan assisted, defrost and self- cleaning functions.
  • Healthy cooking ovens. Light wave ovens and steam ovens claim faster baking time and healthier food.


Get more advice and installation help after reading our gas oven buying guide from our experts at RJ Gas.