Boiler Keeps Turning Off By Itself

“Boiler keeps turning off by itself” is a common boiler problem.


Boiler Keeps Turning Off By Itself

A boiler that keeps shutting off on its own is just about as annoying as one that is not working at all. Here are some tips to help you out.


Boiler Keeps Turning Off By Itself

If your boiler keeps turning off by itself, it does so on its limit because of lack of water flow. Basically, your boiler is overheating, so it turns itself off for safety. Otherwise, the boiler will melt. The boiler has a temperature sensor that checks the water temperature. If the temperature gets too high, the boiler turns itself off.

There could be several things that may be causing this.

  • a closed valve: Lack of proper water flow can cause the boiler to turn off. Check and make sure that all valves are open so that the water flow is not obscured.
  • low water pressure: Check for leaks that may be causing the water pressure to lessen. Find out where the leak is coming from to determine the cause. It is possible that the pressure relief valve is also be faulty and need to be replaced.
  • themostat problem: An old or broken thermostat can also cause the boiler to involuntarily switch itself off. Replace faulty thermostats with a newer model that is also more energy efficient.
  • air in the system: Try bleeding all the radiators. You will know if there was a lot of air in the system because you will feel the radiators exhaust them out. A one second bleed of air is nothing, and means that this is not what’s causing the problem.
  • heat exchanger: If the heat exchanger is broken, it will need to be replaced asap.
  • pump not working properly: Get an experienced engineer to check out your boiler and make sure that your pump is working okay.

Calling a gas safe registered engineer is always the best way to go. A qualified engineer will check a few things to make sure that he finds the correct cause and can fix it properly: flame sensing, the fan and its bearings, the horses, the flue, etc.


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