Boiler Installation: Guide to Boiler Types

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Types of Boilers

First thing that you need to do when you plan to install a boiler is to select boiler type you want or need. There are three mains types that you can choose from — combi, system and open vent boilers.

Combi boilers are also known as combination boilers. In the UK, they are considered to be the most popular because they are compact and there is no need for water tanks. You can get hot water on demand and they dont take up so much space. However, the amount of water that you can use at one time can be restricted so this makes it unsuitable for homes where hot water is needed in more than outlet at the same time.

System boilers, known as a sealed system is a system that needs a water cylinder. System boilers can provide high water pressure and hot water in more than one outlet at the same time. This is good for really busy households although it can be a little expensive to install (and repair).

Open Vent Boiler requires the use of two (2) water tanks. One tank is usually found in the loft and the hot water cylinder is inside the airing cupboard. This type of system takes up so much space inside the house although this will be great for large households.

Experts in Boiler Installation

After selecting the type of boiler you want, an important decision on selecting the right professional installer must be made. Do a good amount of research about the company that you want to hire.  You need to make sure that they have qualified gas safe engineers to work on the project. Keep in mind that boiler installation is a serious matter.

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