Gas Fire Not Working

If has been a lovely summer and winter has finally rolled in but your gas fire not working? -don’t panic.

The following steps may help you track down the problem.

gas fire not workingIf a gas fireplace has been off for a while it is possible that air could have gotten in the line so you may need to press the knob in while turning it for an amount of time that would be specified in your manual. If you have lost the manual do a search online as most instructions have been uploaded. (often this is 20 seconds or more)

Many knobs are very touchy and need to be turned and released very slowly, this is often the cause, so patiently trying again could solve your problem.

Gas fire not working still?

Also check to see if ash, cobwebs or dust has clogged up any bits and carefully clean. You may need a small wire brush for this.

Gas fire not working still?

Check if gas valve is turned on. If the bar-handled valve is aligned with pipe it is on. If it is crossing the pipe, it is turned off.

Sometimes something called a thermocouple which is a sensor (usually in the back of a fire) can be knocked back so it can’t sense the fire. Check in your manual to see the correct positioning and adjust if needed.

If you have checked all of the above and still have no luck it is likely that a part needs replacing. We can help to diagnose the problem and have many parts available in stock or can order them quickly so you can be warm again soon.

If you need any help with your gas fire not working or gas heating, it is what we are all about so call us today.

Problem solved- you no longer need to worry about a gas fire not working.


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