Concealed Boiler Flues

Concealed boiler flues pose a health hazard to your family

Boiler flues are necessary components of a gas heating system. They are responsible for taking away fumes from the boiler. There are properties, mostly flats and apartments, that have concealed boiler flues which are difficult to inspect because they are placed behind walls and ceilings.  It has been shown that a number of incident where carbon monoxide from faulty boiler are seeping into rooms due to faulty concealed flues.  

Concealed boiler flues should be examined by Gas Safe registered engineers

Gas Safe registered engineers should be able to inspect the boiler flues whenever a safety check is done on your gas heating system. Flues that are in poor condition, coupled with a boiler situated in a room with poor ventilation, will definitely increase the potential danger that your family will face in relation to carbon monoxide poisoning. While carbon monoxide alarms can be installed to monitor the room, it is an an alternative to a Gas Safe registered engineer being able to visually inspect the boiler flues. Only them can ensure and certify that your gas boiler system is fit and safe for your family.

What to do if you have concealed boiler flues

If your property have concealed boiler flues, then inspection hatches that follows regulations should be installed. They should be 1-hour-fire rated and place 1.5 metres from a flue joint. This will facilitate easier inspections for your gas boiler heating system. A reliable Gas Safe engineer should inform you about the risks of concealed boiler flues and give you advise on inspection hatches. If the Gas Safe engineer sees that you have concealed flues, then they will classify your property with an “AT RISK” classification and ask your permission to turn off the gas boiler. If you refuse, then you will be asked to sign papers saying that you are accepting responsibility for the defects found in your heating system and the consequences if an untoward incident happens in the future because of this. You will also be responsible to the costs that may be incurred in managing these defects such as installing carbon monoxide sensors in the rooms.

For concealed boiler flues concerns, call RJ Heating Services right now. Our pool of Gas Safe registered engineers can do a safety check and advise you on what is the best options for the concealed boiler flues in your property.


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