Spotting a Gas Safe Registered Engineer

Do you know that only a gas safe registered engineer is allowed to work on gas and gas appliances? That is to make sure that only highly qualified and competent individuals  are allowed to work on projects related to gas. These are the kind of people we have on our team because our customer and employee’s safety is our priority.

What is a Gas Safe Registered Engineer?

A gas safe registered engineer is an engineer that has been checked by the official gas registration body and has been found capable of working safely and legally with gas and gas appliances. This requirement is also required by the law which is why Gas Safe Register, a gas registration body is created.

Identifying a Gas Safe Registered Engineer

While Gas Safe Register help protect you from illegal gas workers, it will always help if you yourself know how to identify a qualified worker when you need some gas work done at home.  First thing that you need to do is ask for their Gas Safe Register ID. All gas safe registered engineers have one and they should be carrying that around.

What do you need to look at are the photo, license number, start and expiry date, security hologram and you have to make sure that the engineer is from the gas service company that you employed. Some gas safe registered engineers are only allowed to work on specific kind of gas work so it is important that you flip the card over so you could see that information at the back of the card. The engineer should be qualified to work on the gas project that you want done and it should be up-to-date.

We recommend that you do this all the time because working on gas is a serious business. When you need work done, always select a trusted company like RJ Gas Heating Service in London. Call us now and we assure you that we will only send qualified Gas Safe Registered engineers to do the job.


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