Gas Heating Engineers

Are you on the lookout for gas heating engineers to fix your boiler? Call us now and one of our experienced gas heating engineers will be at your shortly.

Advantages of using the services of gas heating engineers

They can fix complex boiler problems safely:  It is not advised to perform any boiler repairs on your own, unless the problem is very straightforward and easy to fix. You have to understand that trying to perform a complex boiler repair on your own, can prove to be fatal.  The gas that these boilers use (carbon monoxide) is very poisonous in nature and if leaked, can lead to severe health conditions. This is not only dangerous for your family but also to your neighbors. Hence it is always advised to seek the help of gas heating engineers when dealing with complex boiler problems.

Follow safety precautions: Most of the reputable gas boiler service companies only employ gas heating engineers who are qualified, experienced and gas safe registered.  These professionals can deal with any kind of boiler repair safely. They are well trained in avoiding potential hazards as part of their certification program. Hence it is important to verify if the service engineer is Gas Safe Registered before hiring them.

Allow you to claim insurance in the event of unforeseen accidents: If you choose unlicensed gas heating engineers to perform the job, apart from the safety hazards, you will also have to deal with financial risks. Your insurance may become null or void, if any damage is done to the property due to an improper act of an unlicensed heating engineer. So, keep this in mind before making any decisions.

Always call gas heating engineers if you are not sure of the problem

Though most common boiler problems can be solved by DIY, it is preferable to call gas heating engineers when you are not sure of the problem. It is recommended that you DO NOT try to perform jobs that you are not qualified to. Failing to do so may lead to serious accidents, fire injuries, and sometimes, even to death. Only a trained professional can complete the job efficiently, while making sure no one gets hurt.

So, if you have any kind of boiler repairs please do not hesitate to call us at our East London office. Our experienced gas heating engineers at RJ Gas Heating Services can fix any type of boiler issues.


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