Common Problems with Gas Ovens

Are you experiencing any of the common problems with gas ovens? We’ve listed them below with some tips on what to do if you catch yourself needing help.


Common Problems with Gas Ovens

While the initial purchase of a gas oven may be more expensive, it is more cost efficient in the long run compared to an electric oven. This is because gas costs cheaper than electricity to run appliances. However, gas ovens can also breakdown overtime. Below are some of the common problems with gas ovens.


Common Problems with Gas Ovens

We’ve outlined some of the common gas problems that customers experience. We’ve also included some helpful tips for you.

  • Not working. Check your power source. Make sure there is power going into your range, oven or cooktop. Make sure your circuit breaker is not tripped or your fuse is not blown. Try plugging something else into the socket to make sure its working. Make sure your gas source is on too.
  • Surface burner not lighting. This is on top fn the list of common problems with gas ovens. Turn the know to the light position first. Once you have a flame, you can turn the knob to your desired setting. Also make sure that the knob is turned all the way off when you turn off the burner. It should pop out. The pilot light might be extinguished or the portholes are clogged. You can clean your gas oven to unclog the pores. If you have recently cleaned your oven, make sure it is dry before turning the burners on. If your stove has an electric igniter, make sure it is plugged in and the circuit breaker is not tripped.
  • Not baking. If the baker igniter does not light, or the flame is red instead of bright yellow or white, then it is faulty and needs to be replaced. If the igniter is working okay, it will be best to get a professional gas safe registered engineer to check on your oven and test the other parts.
  • Oven burner not lighting. Check the pilot light first to see if its causing the problem. If your oven has an electric igniter, check the power cord, the glowbar igniter, the thermostat or the thermal cutoff. Make sure the clock-timer is set correctly.
  • Incorrect oven temperature. The thermostat controls your oven’s temperature and can lose its calibration overtime. The sensing bulb might come loose from the holder, causing the thermostat to get faulty readings. Re-align the bulb properly to solve the problem. If your oven uses a digital thermostat and it’s faulty, it will need to be replaced. Other models use a mechanical thermostat that can be adjusted with a screwdriver. You can fine tune the temperature by adjusting the screw. If the the thermostat is not adjustable, it will have to be replaced. Take note that if your oven is overheating or underheating, it could be showing symptoms that the thermostat is faulty.
  • Oven door stuck close. The ERC may be defective. Check the error code shown in the display box, and check your manufacturer’s manual for the code explanation. If the self clean latch is misaligned, the oven will have to be disassembled manually to free the latch and realign it or replace as needed.
  • Not broiling. The broiler igniter might be weak or burnt out. If the igniter does not glow, or if it is red instead of bright yellow or white, it is faulty and needs to be replaced.
  • Too much smoke when broiling. There may be a build up grease that is burning off. Check that the broiler pan is not upside down which will cause grease to drip and burn up.
  • Gas odor. This is one of the most dangerous common problems with gas ovens. If you smell gas when the pilot flame is not burning, make sure you open your windows to ventilate your home. Try to relight the pilot light. If the pilot light is on and you smell gas, then a burners is not completely shut off. Check that all the burners are in the off position. Turn off the gas supply to your stove and ventilate the house. Call your gas company for professional help.
While some of these common problems with gas ovens can be fixed DIY-style, it is always best and safest to have a professional do the repair. Call RJ Gas today and we can help you with any of the common problems with gas ovens that you may be experiencing.

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