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Looking for boiler service? With over 75 years of experience, we can help you resolve any type of boiler issues with a minimal downtime.

Boiler Service at Its Best

Boiler Maintenance: Due to tougher economic conditions, many home owners tend to neglect boiler maintenance. Similarly, business owners try to cut down their maintenance costs by spending a little or no money on equipment maintenance. Though this may seem to save you some money initially, over an extended period of time, irregular boiler service can cost you a fortune.

Warranty: Boiler maintenance is often neglected as they do not pose frequent problems. Boiler service is further neglected in cases where new boilers are installed, because they often perform unobtrusively. Remember that even if your new boiler is working properly, it still needs a regular servicing, as per the manufacturer’s rules, for the warranty to remain intact.

Regular Servicing Ensures Safety: Regular boiler service is very important for your safety. Little or no maintenance of your boiler can lead to severe problems such as Carbon Monoxide leakage. This dangerous gas is tasteless, odorless and has no color making it almost impossible for you to detect physically. Inhalation of this poisonous gas over extended periods of time can prove to be fatal. In order to avoid such potential threats, regular boiler maintenance is very important.

Regular Boiler Service Saves You More Money In The Long Run

Apart from helping you to enjoy uninterrupted heating services, regular boiler service can save you a lot of money.  Most mechanical parts cease to perform to their true potential as they age. It will not only lower the overall performance of the boiler, but will also impose unnecessary pressure on other working parts.

Also, if not maintained regularly, more and more sludge gets accumulated in the radiator of the boiler, leading to less heat production. As a result boiler consumes even more electricity than normal in an attempt to produce the required heat. This can shoot up your electricity bills.

In order to avoid the above mentioned boiler problems, contact us at our East London office and one of our professionals will soon be there to serve you. Remember, regular boiler service will only cost you a fraction of the total money that you might end up spending in case of a poorly maintained boiler.


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